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Napa Crush Uses Innovative Tech in the Cellar

How Judd’s Hill Wrangles its Micro Crush Clients and Drives Efficiency with Real-Time Technology

Susie Dineen manages the cellar for over 150 winemakers at Judd’s Hill Micro Crush in Napa Valley. Hers is not an easy task, especially since most of her clients make a single barrel of wine at a time. She turned to the experts at Process2Wine for a software solution to help her manage this challenging cellar.

Process2Wine cloud-based software coordinates and improves the entire winemaking process from planting the vineyard to managing the cellar inventory to shipping the bottles. The technology is designed to create efficiencies with real-time data and predictive recommendations. Anytime, anywhere access, even without an internet connection, makes the tool effective in or out of the cellar.

“We are one of Process2Wine’s more complex clients,” says Dineen. “When they took us on, they didn’t realize what a crazy train it was. But their customer service is amazing. Every time I need something, their team is on it.”

When a winery signs up with Process2Wine, a dedicated account manager consults with the winery team to set goals for what they want to achieve with the software and is always on call to ensure the solution grows right along with the winery’s business. Like Dineen, the top item on most winery lists is driving cellar efficiency.

One problem Dineen faced was topping the barrels for all of her clients plus Judd’s Hill Wine in one work order instead of creating 150+ work orders each month. Process2Wine now allows her to process work orders quickly and efficiently with full compliance traceability. And after they’re processed, the software automatically delivers the fully-populated TTB 702 report with the click of a button.

From harvest to bottling and packaging, Process2Wine simplified repetitive tasks, creating a streamlined workflow that saves Judd’s Hill Micro Crush time and money each month — and makes it easier for Dineen to wrangle all of her 150+ clients.

Process2Wine is amazingly detailed,” Dineen points out. “I can easily add or remove clients from a work order or create one with just the white wines. Yet, it’s still easy to use because you can filter your software desktop to focus on what you need to get done. My Assistant Winemaker has a completely different desktop from mine because she does all the reporting.”

With affordable pricing and built-in expertise from knowledgeable winemakers, Process2Wine can help all types of wineries gain efficiency in the cellar, manage their wine inventory, and oversee costs across their entire workflow.

“You get a robust system for a very reasonable price,” Dineen adds. “We use the winemaking part, but they also have vineyard and labor components. There’s so much to it. A big winery could really take advantage of all those features.”

As Dineen points out, you don’t need to be a custom crush facility to gain efficiency in your cellar through Process2Wine technology and strong customer support. Contact their team today to demo the software and see how Process2Wine® can take your winery cellar or vineyard to the next level.

To learn more or to request a demo, visit the Process2Wine website or contact them directly at