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Your reporting traceability is fed data in real time by your entire team and it is displayed for everyone in one central map.

190 000 acres

Created and managed within Process2Wine.

1200 GPS

Installed and connected in real-time to Process2Wine.

More than 100 000 plots

Created and managed within Process2Wine.

Infinite layers on the mapping

Cross and overlay all the data needed to make the best decisions.

Managing your vineyard in just a few clicks.

Centralize your field observations so that everyone is working on the most recent data.

A simple and fast solution for tracking vineyard work

Ensure smooth harvests with rapid data reporting, real-time data on incoming grapes, and vintage yields calculated for you by the system.

The associated modules

A flexible management system tailored to the needs of your organization, whether you are an estate, a winery, a custom crush or a vineyard management company.