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Equip yourself with GPS devices connected to Process2Wine for tracking your mechanical work.

A real-time tracking

of your viticultural interventions without the need for manual entry

Find with GPS:

the parcels/rows worked, the passage times, and the average speed of your machinery

Secure your work

with our mobile units

Control your treatments

The GPS automatically triggers the re-entry interval into the plot

Would you like to go to a plot from your current location but don't know which path to take?

Process2Wine sends the location of the plot to your navigation app, which will then guide you!

Plan your mechanical tasks in just a few clicks for precise tracking through data feedback from the GPS units on your tractors.

You can also pre-assign your machine routes to the correct work orders or job codes.

Your tractor and GPS will become one

Setting up an alert in case a machine departs without GPS planning reduces the chance of missed entries.

You have the option to configure an SMS alert to a phone number of your choice, in case Process2Wine detects a tractor departure without any associated planning or task. This way, you can quickly access the mobile application and assign GPS planning to the working machine.

Dynamic parcel management

Automatic adaptation of the number of points to consider being inside the parcel based on its surface area. Process2Wine dynamically adjusts to determine when a GPS device has entered a parcel, adapting according to the surface area of the parcel!

Real-time and serene monitoring

Track in real-time, from either your computer or smartphone, the smooth progress of your vineyard operations with precise tracking.

Generate reports of your vineyard work and gain peace of mind in monitoring your vineyard operations.

The associated modules

Flexible management according to the needs of your organization, whether you are an estate, a winery, a custom crush facility or a vineyard management company.