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Wineries from coast to coast are choosing Process2Wine software with confidence

American winery owners from coast to coast rely on Process2Wine winery management software to make each day run smoothly.

Process2Wine software is developed by Ertus Group, a French company that came to the US with decades of grape-growing and winemaking experience built into a grape-to-bottle software solution packed with functionality and backed by a technical understanding of what vineyard and winery owners need to succeed.  The founder Alain Sutre was formerly the director of prestigious estates in Bordeaux. Thanks to his vision, and to collaboration with experts in the field, Sutre launched Process2Wine in 2011 with the aim of planning and managing all the winemaking operations.

We reached out to users to find out why they like working with Process2Wine winery management software. Here are the results.

Why they choose Process2Wine

Some wineries find Process2Wine through word of mouth. That includes Wes Jensen at Sages Vintage in Nacogdoches, Texas, who says, “I received a referral at a Texas trade show and was locked in after I found that Process2Wine could track and record all of the data for our custom crush winery and saw the price was right.

Most wineries undertake an in-depth evaluation of all the winery management software options before making a decision.

One active daily user, Ruth Braida, an enologist at Papagni Wines in Madera, California, says, “After looking at all software providers like Innovint and AMS, I chose Process2Wine because it has all of the same functions as the others but costs a lot less. Plus, it has a better support system.

Zach Waltz, the associate winemaker at his family-owned Waltz Vineyard Estate Winery in Manheim, Pennsylvania, tried out several other software packages, including Innovint, before choosing Process2Wine. His reason? “I chose Process2Wine because winemaking is a complex task and its technological capabilities and features gave me more options, and the price was more reasonable than all the others. »

AJ Greely, winemaker and cellarmaster at Hark Vineyards in Earlysville, Virginia, agreed. She chose Process2Wine software for her 5000 case production winery because it was easier to use than the other providers and was built for small to medium-sized wineries.

Which Process2wine features make a difference

Once the decision about software is made, Process2Wine users dive into integrating the features they need most into their daily workflow.

Ruth finds the software helpful in calculating the proportions of varietals, appellations and vintages while blending wines for her many custom crush clients. “It’s a lot of work when you have a lot of little blends”, she explains, “especially when the lees tank has a ton of little bits of everything at the end of crush.

She also frequently refers to the customized cellar mapping feature that shows the current volumes and history on icons representing each tank and barrel, and the winery owner is excited about using the feature that manages costs from grape to bottle, including additives and packaging.

As another custom crush winemaker, Wes spends most of his time on a forklift pulling bins of fruit and weighing them for the 15,000 cases his customers need this year. He loves using the mobile version to track his data, saying, “I don’t have to get off the forklift to plug in the numbers, making it easy to track weight as I go.

AJ concurs with Wes on the value of tracking data in real-time; for her, that means Process2Wine’s ease of use when monitoring density and temperature during fermentation and reviewing grape composition for the various blends she’s putting together.

She adds, “I love being able to go back in and see everything laid out from when we picked to when we bottled – that’s just genius. Plus, TTB reporting with Process2Wine is so much easier!

AJ also takes advantage of printing out work orders for employees so she can track their work progress and trace it back to someone if there’s a problem.

Like AJ, Zach loves using the software to track the inventory of all his ingredients. It makes it easy to know precisely what is on hand, what he needs to buy, and what he has used in the past.

« The best feature is being able to look back on historical data to review the decisions I’ve made for past batches both good and bad” he says. “I always learn from how those batches turned out. But the software is only as good as the data, so you have to be diligent about entering the data, and Process2Wine makes it easy to do this.

How Process2Wine software supports their growth

A strong support team is essential for any software, and Process2Wine users rave about its team. Here’s some of the feedback.

  • “The support team is awesome, and their patience is much appreciated.” 
  • “Support is really on the ball with Kenji streamlining the priorities,”
  • ”The support team is very helpful; they will always listen to what you need and do whatever they can for you.”
  • “The Process2Wine team is always there when I need their assistance, like at crunch time with TTB reporting.”
  • “Support has been great. They’ve reached out to give me the help I needed until I was satisfied.”

The wineries working with Process2Wine software are growing, and the value of the software will grow right along with them. One custom crush facility grew by a third this year, and both expect to continue expanding quickly and are confident that their Process2Wine winery management software will keep pace with them.


Process2Wine continues to grow all over North America and their team looks forward to meeting existing customers and prospective clients at the trade shows & expos throughout the next year. Please contact us for a software demo anytime, Cheers!