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Cellar Planning

Plan your tasks at the winery without impacting your traceability!

Manage all your tasks at the winery simply and efficiently.

Manage your transfers and winemaking operations from your smartphone, tablet, and computer.

Centralise your data from a single interface with the winery plan and wine lots edition.

Data entry in just a few clicks

Create your tasks from the mobile or desktop version, assign one or more operators and one or more containers, and easily communicate the day’s instructions to your team.

Combined with the use of the QR Container module, you will save time in task planning and enable your operators to select and input the containers themselves from the mobile version. You can then find the planned or completed task with all the destination containers on your computer!

A time saver as harvest approaches

To save time when entering operations at the winery, you can duplicate pre-planned tasks and update their records to reflect the current status of your containers.

Track, modify, and comment on the progress of your ongoing winemaking operations directly from the calendar.

The associated modules

Flexible management according to the needs of your organization, whether you are an estate, a winery, a custom crush facility or a vineyard management company.