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Cost Management

Consult and understand your production costs in the vineyard and in the winery. How are they distributed? Which tasks can be optimized? How much am I spending per lot? All of these answers and more are in the system.

Consult all the production costs of your parcels to manage your inputs and products.

The calculation of the value of your stocks and production costs will take into account, for each wine lot number, the unit price entered at the time of entry into stock.

Create detailed reports

You can add costs in your work orders that are not related to products or labor. It is also possible to determine whether the cost should be considered as a direct or indirect cost on the parcels.

Real-time updating

The production costs of your wine lots are updated in real-time, as you enter your data, and are accessible directly in the wine lot profile or in a dedicated menu.

The associated modules

Flexible management according to the needs of your organization, whether you are an estate, a winery, a custom crush facility or a vineyard management company.