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7 reasons to automate your estate vineyard with vineyard management software

Vineyard management software can help you increase your efficiencies out in the vineyard, while reducing manual processes and increasing your over-all profit.

Allowing you to track & record all of your vineyard data on one simple platform, the Process2Wine software has been known as a viticulturist’s dream for its level of traceability, accuracy, and depth.

Process2Wine is one of the first companies in the United States to offer a Freemium version of their vineyard management software to prospective clientele. The Freemium version will offer users the ability to use the unique vineyard mapping system, track all vineyard task operations, and have the traceability of each block.

If a customer likes the vineyard management software capabilities under the Freemium version, they can contact Process2Wine to take advantage of the Basic and Standard version well as the costing & reporting features of the vineyard management.

Here are 7 reasons to start using the Process2Wine vineyard management software:

1. Get comprehensive traceability of your grapes & blocks on a unique platform

Vineyard management software enables you to record, centralize, and secure the key data with every task from the beginning of the vine cycle through harvest. The dynamic vineyard mapping system allows you to see what is happening in the vineyard on each block in real time.

2. Optimize the performance of your business with management tools

Establish the right forward progress for your vineyard when you efficiently plan, manage, and record all operations performed on your smartphone or tablet. Thanks to precise work orders, you can organize the work of your employees, track the time spent on each task and calculate all the vineyard costs. Vineyard management software, like Process2Wine, allows you to analyze all of the work you have performed while providing key reports such as crop & yield estimates, block analysis, and vintage comparisons. After reviewing the results of your operations, you can make the right decisions for your future vintages. 

3. Increase your margin by tracking your vineyard costs

To better increase your profit margins in the vineyard, it is important to be aware of the costs at every step in the process. Vineyard management software makes it easier to calculate the cost per block associated with purchasing & use of supplies, equipment, and labor. At the end of the growing season, you are able to analyze to give you insight into the precise costs that go into the costs of your grapes. Helping gain better visibility into your business, you can increase your bottom line by identifying opportunities for improvement.

4. Improve efficient communication across your organization

With cloud-based SaaS software, the vineyard manager, winemaker, and GM are able to collaborate on the same platform. Real time communication is set up for this three-tiered system creating the essential link from the grape to harvest. The automatic syncing of communication in the software allows for the winemaker and GM to be completely aware of what is happening in the vineyard in real time. For vineyard management companies that use the software, their customers can be integrated into the platform allowing the clients to log in any time for updates on their grapes/blocks. Vineyard management companies are able to communicate more efficiently the harvest data & scheduled picks to their clients in real time.

5. Save precious time on administrative chores

The administrative workload of a vineyard manager can be quite high. Vineyard management software can help them be more efficient by generating key reports, such as the Pesticide Use Report with the click of a button. The Process2Wine software goes even further regarding time saving with automatic data tracking on our GPS tracking system in the vineyards. The GPS system will automatically update in real time every task done by the tractor, as well as the time spent by the employee. Save time on the administrative chores by taking advantage of automated vineyard reports and GPS tracking system.

6. Always be connected to your vineyard

Vineyard software like Process2Wine has you connected with a mobile version, which can include a smart phone or a tablet. While working in the field of your vineyard, you will be able to track & record all of your progress & time spent with every task. With the real time geo-localization, a vineyard manager can even be far away from your operation, and instantly check the work order status and get updates for each block.

7. Secure your data

One of the key advantages of cloud-based software is the back up of your data on your program. With a SaaS software, you will always be able to have access to your platform through the internet from any computer. The software is always up to date, and is backed up on a daily basis. This will give you the security that your data is safe with no chance of losing track of your operations, which can happen easily with notebooks or excel spreadsheets.


Implementing vineyard management software like Process2Wine is a game changer, allowing you to enter the world of connected viticulture. Whether you have an estate vineyard or a vineyard management company, our cloud-based software will help you with the traceability you need to make important decisions to grow the business & profitability.

When you sign up with Process2Wine, a dedicated account manager will be assigned directly to your account. The account manager will assist with the set-up of the application, the training of the users, and on-going support every step of the way. 

The Process2Wine vineyard management software is currently being used at all major AVA’s in North America. Our clientele includes many of the top estate vineyards and producers throughout France, Canada, and the USA. More information can be found at or please contact business developer, Vincent LECOT, for direct information regarding the software at

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